Forensic Architecture 
Cloud Studies
UTS Gallery, 2020

Cloud Studies, curated by Stella Rosa McDonald and Eleanor Zeichner, is the first solo exhibition in Australia by Forensic Architecture, a research agency comprised of architects, artists, filmmakers, journalists, scientists, lawyers and other specialists who undertake investigations into human rights abuses, state violence and environmental crimes around the world.

Cloud Studies contends with the interconnectedness of global atmospheres, bringing together eight recent investigations under a single theme; toxic clouds. In a year of bushfire, pandemic and protest, where toxic clouds colonise the air we breathe and shape the way we connect, Cloud Studies presents evidence of perseverance and resistance.

The exhibtion was accompanied by a publication Responses to the Cloud, exploring the thematic chapters of Cloud Studies from a local context. With new writing by Joel Spring, Saba Bebawi, Jason De Santolo, Tom Melick, Nikki Lam, Thalia Anthony, Micaela Sahhar and curators Stella Rosa McDonald and Eleanor Zeichner. Design by Daryl Prondoso.

Download Responses to the Cloud (opens PDF in a new window)